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Our company adopts advanced wood structure building technology, factory built integrated building, selection of high-quality materials, professional construction of North American 2 x 4 wood frame house, the Nordic log structure, beam column structure, assembly type integrated house structure system building insulation board and other styles, and can be designed according to customer the processing requirements, the wooden structure villa built in different styles.Yingkou Weiya Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoning Province, Yingkou economic and Technological Development Zone, 2 kilometers away from Yingkou Xingang, Dalian Port 170 km. Transportation is very convenient, is the first to enter the field of wooden structure of the integration of housing construction, professional production and assembly of integrated housing, car camping huts, tourist vacation homes, new Chinese style wooden villa.

The company has always been the spirit of "quality first, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic and enterprising tenet, strive to do better, to meet the needs of customers. The company's prosperity, depends on the support and trust of our customers, we will always carry out the company's purpose, always to provide users with perfect quality products and high level of service.

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