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Liaoning wooden structure of the main production of small and medium enterprises

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Liaoning wooden structure of the main production of small and medium enterprises

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The first Chinese villa wooden structure industry development forum was held in Beijing in March 3, 2012. Delegates generally believe that the rise of wood structure industry will promote the development of the forestry industry.

This forum is jointly organized by the China Forestry Industry Association, China Building Decoration Association and the "2012 session of the second Beijing villa decoration and industrial facilities and wooden structure exhibition organizing committee and other units, industry representatives from Chinese Academy of forestry, China Forestry Industry Association, Chinese Building Decoration Association and other units of the experts and scholars at home and abroad developers villa, wooden structure decoration facilities manufacturers, jointly carried out exchanges and discussions on the China villa wooden structure of industry in the future development of industry standards and other issues.

Delegates believe that the development of wooden structure industry, not only can promote the development of forest tourism and the characteristics of forestry industry, forestry ecological construction, but also increase the income of forestry, improve the economic efficiency of forestry industry, forestry development mode of innovation and change, better use of forestry ecology, economy and society, carbon sequestration and cultural 5 function.

It is understood that, in order to promote the wooden structure industry healthy and rapid development, to further expand the Liaoning wooden structure industry social influence, the Organizing Committee of Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Chinese consumer protection foundation and other units also launched a "national wooden structure integrity Union enterprise 30 strong" selection activities.

At present, the global development situation of wood structure, wood structure of our country is still in a relatively backward state in the developed countries, 70% are residential wood structure, although the wooden building has a long history of thousands of years in China. Our famous architect Liang Sicheng, the wife of Lin Whei-yin, in the Mount Wutai area of Shanxi found Wood Hall - China the earliest built in Tang Jianzhong three years (782 years) of the southern temple, is Asia's most ancient wooden building. Beijing Tiantan, Shanghai Longhua tower with ancient architecture, is a classic case of Chinese wood structure building. But before 2000 of wooden structure production enterprises in China is less than 5, in 2010 it reached 130, more than 90% of these enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, so a larger proportion of low-end products, the use of single direction. Wooden structure in our country is mainly used in the vacation log cabin, wooden house manufacturing, hut price and the lack of a unified quality, fire acceptance certification system, the industrial chain to be perfect.

Today, with the rapid development of China's urbanization, the traditional wood structure building has been replaced by a large number of reinforced concrete. However, in developed countries, wood is still regarded as the most important building materials, with an average of 70% of the residential buildings for the light wood structure, in North America, this proportion is as high as 90%. In Canada, the vast majority of new residential use of wood frame construction, this structure is considered the world's most secure, the most rugged, the most environmentally friendly, the most cost-effective and the most healthy building. At the same time, the wood structure building and green environmental protection, thermal insulation and energy saving, light and flexible, strong earthquake resistance, durability, cost effect and other advantages.

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