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Vacation houses are designed for kids to make high quality furniture

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Vacation houses are designed for kids to make high quality furniture

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Vacation log cabin "solid wood" series through the environmental protection material, clever design for children to create a fantasy, comfortable space.

When people refer to Harry's house, the first feeling is high quality. Has a hundred furniture, the owner of the backing, adhere to the true very German brand concept, from the date of birth, Harry wooden furniture industry has become the quality benchmark for the children. 2012-2013 year, Harry wood not only continue to strengthen the real high quality, but also through more detailed optimization, care for the healthy growth of children.

Strengthen the details to create a comfortable furniture

In many people's minds, children's furniture is a riot of colours color, shape of odd shape. As everyone knows, children's furniture is accompanied by an important period of development of children, in the details of a little attention will bring harm to the child. Harry log cabin from the beginning of the creation of awareness, with strict attitude towards children's furniture every detail, is responsible for the children's performance. Therefore, each of Harry's family of products have to let the children happy, let parents happy detail design.

In five Harry wooden wood series as an example, the "magic space" in the details on the outstanding imagination and practical ability, product design to highlight the three-dimensional sense of space, not space caused by the oppression of the child, which is designed for children to push the free run wooden box, cabinet and the assembling of the loading and unloading the shelf, let the children experience life in the game; "Water Wizard" is Oracle's "water" evolved, furniture dynamic ripple water, bubble gives static beauty; "wisdom tree" meaning children are like growing trees, the details reflect the branch pattern and shape, contrast a vibrant environment of growing children; "straight to the starting line with concise, sketched out a success starting line, let the children win at the starting point; the" future star "local ornament The crescent star, upturned, give the child to draw a picture of nature, quiet, warm and comfortable picture.

It can be said that every holiday house products are strictly in the details of the control, to provide beautiful and beautiful furniture for the children at the same time, also for them to create a comfortable room for growth.

Adhere to the quality of attention to children's health

Harry house always believe that good products are not only reflected in the design details, the more important is reflected in the production process, if the quality is not from the source, on the ingenious design more useless.

Harry wooden house in the production process of every link has created the industry leader. For example, structural design, the use of 32mm drainage system, so that the whole solid wood furniture can also be modular production, DIY performance is far better than other children's solid wood brand. In the production of raw materials selection, also has the international leading quality. Harry house is the first and only selected gold color alder as the raw material for the production of children's furniture brand. In addition, a variety of accessories are also extraordinary, such as Harry house by Australian wool soft handle instead of children's furniture commonly used metal or wooden handle; used in the production process of Japanese Aike cold glue; through the use of Italy imported "type and Li" environmental protection paint, let the children do not have any harmful gases in the process of growing up.

2012-2013 year, Harry wood again with high quality to win the recognition of society. In August 1, 2012 the state promulgated the "general technical conditions" of children's furniture, children's furniture brands for many details of unqualified fell off a horse, Harry cottages were beyond the national standard attitude to become the biggest winner in the market. Harry wooden house believes that children are the future of the world, only to adhere to the quality of Harry wooden house in order to have the future.

Launch new products to meet the diverse needs

In contact with Liaoning wooden wood series of furniture for children who are convinced by it for detailed design, excellent industry-leading production process, but for some consumers, Harry house is good, but a little expensive.

In order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, 2012-2013, Harry wooden house launched a panel of juvenile products. 2013 Guangzhou Furniture Fair, Harry wooden furniture new type of furniture debut, has been favored by more people. Plate series with simple design style, fully reflects the innocent and lovely brand image. Plate series in the production process of adult large diameter trees and sliced into large particles of sheet material, effectively increase the physical properties of the finished plate, with 100% free of paint process, to ensure that the children's furniture more environmentally friendly and safe.

Strict production process control, so that Harry wooden furniture plate better, stronger, higher hardness, more stable structure, more full color. In addition, the panel series in color is also more colorful, so that children enjoy the environmental furniture at the same time to meet the pursuit of dreams. The most important is that Harry wooden furniture with a relatively low price to prove that, even if the panel furniture can do high quality, once again reflects the responsibility of children's furniture leading brand.

Vacation house

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