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Small wooden house prices, farm indispensable elements

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Small wooden house prices, farm indispensable elements

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Humans use wooden houses in the world it has a history of thousands of years, a large number of ancient buildings Chinese also use wood structure, wood structure building maintenance, general concrete housing after 50 years will need to be rebuilt, so relatively speaking, wooden houses obviously have a longer life. The cabin is leisure, Home Furnishing mainstream products in the world, which is characterized by cool, moisture insulation.

Lodge not only cool, moisture resistance, moisture permeability is strong, also contains rich cultural atmosphere, simple and elegant; the rainy season can adjust the humidity, when humidity is big when the Liaoning log cabin can automatically absorb moisture, drying will release water from their own cells, play a role in regulating the natural; the log house enjoys "breathing house" reputation, its construction, design can be free to personality style, very suitable for human habitation.

Characteristics and advantages of wood structure building

1, seismic resistance

The wooden structure houses because of its light weight, so when the earthquake seismic energy absorption is less, most still in the earthquake, or the whole slightly deformed and not fall apart, either with the overall seismic wave movement, even a strong earthquake so that the whole building from base, but also can damage the structure

2, durability

Wood is a kind of natural, healthy and highly compatible materials, wood according to different architectural style after the modern production and processing technology into different wall section, after the flame retardant and anticorrosion treatment processes, more durable.

3, fire resistance

Wood Carbonization effect, in case of fire, the wood surface will form a carbonization layer, its low conductivity can effectively prevent the flame spread inward, so as to ensure the structure can not be damaged for a long time.

4, moisture resistance

People often mistakenly think that water is the enemy of wood, the situation is not the case, in the rainy or humid place wood construction can have a long-term performance.

5, green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving

Wooden houses do not pollute the environment in the construction process, in the natural affinity of wooden houses living is beneficial to the health of the residents, this is the other structures can not be compared, but also China all over the world and advocate.

6, there are biological regulation function:

The new wood structure house can smell the aroma of wood, its volatile components are essential oils. Essential oils can enhance human immunity, deodorization, anti mite and insecticidal, bactericidal effect, can make indoor air fresh, make people feel comfortable, can also be suppressed because of mental stress caused by the tension, and make one pulse stability and reduce fatigue.

7, short construction period:

The wood structure of all structure parts and the connecting parts are standardized production, so the construction and installation of speed, the wooden structure villa as long as 60 days can be completed, because of its light weight, the use of lifting equipment without complex in factories or construction site.

8, good heat preservation and energy saving:

Insulation performance is better than any other wood structure building materials, in the same thickness of the structure under the conditions of the insulation value higher than the standard concrete with 16, 3 times higher than that of hollow brick wall housing. In the summer, the indoor temperature is 2.4 degrees lower than the brick body, 4 times higher in winter, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Small wooden house price

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