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No wood no house,

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No wood no house,

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In ancient China, people used "tree house" metaphor reclusive. In modern times, the tree house usually built in a tree nest, for children or adults to rest place. But the northern Tokyo District of the tree house is "on the tree" nor "tree", it is called a tree house, because "a tree" - the house inside the wooden structure like a tree trunk, a large canopy launched.

According to designer Harada Masahiro explained that the choice of the structure, because the housing construction site is very limited, and the distance between neighbors is also very close, built in the traditional way, basic lighting and privacy can not be satisfied at the same time, the "centripetal layout" make the building like a tree to strive for the sun and the air tree up to to overcome the limitation of the narrow space.

Specific approach is to limit the building space in the horizontal direction, using the polar coordinates to replace the original Descartes coordinates as a geometric basis for the design of the building. The law of this coordinate system is very simple: the thickness of the LVL single plate layer of 55 mm thickness of the column frame with a 11.25 degree angle rotation, each frame is 55 mm higher than the adjacent. Rotating a week just to use the 32 framework, the last frame is 1.7 meters above the level of the first. The 1.7 meter gap is just the position of the roof opening. Toward the East, for the entire real frame to import natural daylight and the beauty of the window. The center of the frame to save 1.1 meters into a cylindrical trunk, so that the whole room structure looks like the giant umbrella, more like a tree. "The trees" living space through the house, shining in the top of natural light, the sequence of three-dimensional space is emphasized, increasing layers of wood perfect interpretation of the song melody, texture and light to create a colorful tree with luxuriant foliage, shape and metaphor family unity and vigorous vitality.

In fact, this house is just like a tree in our eyes, but in the eyes of the Japanese, do not want to "tree", but "yes"". Because in Japanese, there is no "tree" and "wood" difference, the tree is the wood, the wood is a tree, is a word. Since ancient times, they have been considered to have been logged and processed as the same as the growing tree, which is a sacred object of spiritual life. Modern science has proved that this is not a simple superstition, most cells of wood showed elongated tubular, along a longitudinal axis of the branches of the side by side, even after being cut into the construction used in housing construction, the wood cells can still survive in the wet season is still breathing, inspiratory tidal, Qin time dry, constantly adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity. The Japanese live in the rainy island nation, may have found the secret, only the "wood is such ancient legend alive", so that the original wooden tree house residential "live house" is not too much.

Our discussion on the wooden house, it seems to be stuck in the wood construction environmental protection is not on the level, in fact, this is not a need to prove the proposition of the. Mentioned Japanese wooden house, people think that Japan used for timber, both the structure and the surface layer, there is a Japanese spirit. Indeed, before the Second World War, Japan is the wood construction materials, ancient craftsmen inherited superb skill, people like to hear music, all maintained the prosperity of residential wood. But Japan's World War II looted, wood built in each city suffered a devastating war, people turned to the use of concrete and steel building better fire performance of residential, the government also set strict rules to restrict wood. Since then, public buildings have not seen traces of wood, and even the temple is no exception.

The cultural symbol, which occupies an important position in Japanese culture, has encountered a fault for several decades. Until June 2000, each administrative area of Japan was allowed to set their own construction specifications, that is, this time, a group of people of insight to pick up this valuable material, the rise of wood construction in japan. From that time, choke refers to calculate but also 10 years. Tree house designers stressed that some of the old Japanese people especially like tree house, it should be the old people have experienced the fault before the construction of the category. The new building with natural wood before World War II the traditional Japanese wooden houses are essentially different, although the same with the wood, in the structure and concept has almost no similarities. If their similarities, which is the continuation of the "warmth".

With many new wood construction, abandon the traditional construction method, follow your mood and interest to design a tree house, really attracted a lot of public attention, because the habit of public appreciation "Capriccio" and "creative music" of the architectural works. But the search for a novel visual effect will interfere with the normal use of the building, we are still not a good conclusion.

But the designer said: "the main space is a huge tree pillar is divided into 4 rooms, each room in the height, width and light are different, as to which restaurant which serves as a bedroom as completely according to their own preferences decided by the master." From the designer to this "problem" to the owners of the house, the master can meet the daily daily life does not place the strange house.

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