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Wood house manufacture

Daily use and maintenance of wooden house:

Regulating indoor humidity. The main reason is the wet wood structure house rot, mildew, moth, component deformation, so we should pay attention to regulating indoor humidity in daily life. For example, bathroom, kitchen cooking and other water vapor evaporation in the room, it is necessary to open the fan, such as forced ventilation ventilation, or window natural ventilation.

Avoidance of water immersion in a wooden house. If the member is accidentally wet, or because of low temperature and high humidity and condensation, should be promptly wiped away, at the same time, in the outdoor environment of low humidity conditions, open the ventilation holes (such as doors, windows, dedicated vents) natural ventilation tide, or a fan forced ventilation dehumidification. Regular inspection and maintenance of wind, earthquake, rain, moisture and insects are is the main cause of building decay damage. To strengthen the maintenance work, to avoid the damage caused by.

In the part of the room, we should also pay attention to:

Regularly check the bathroom floor drain. The bathroom sink, kitchen pots and other clean or clean drainage mouth cup, prevent clogged drain.

Regularly check the water pipe and gas pipe fittings, valves, etc.. If there is leakage should be timely maintenance.

The regular observation of indoor wet parts (bathroom and kitchen) member mildew etc.. Once found signs of mildew began, immediately remove mildew, and natural or forced ventilation. If the outdoor humidity can not be through the ventilation, then can use desiccant (lime, dry charcoal, etc.), or the use of moisture absorption.

On the basis, components, hardware and wood surface structure of regular inspection and maintenance. If found was buried, the gap between the mound component is not clean, hardware, wood surface corrosion cracking and other problems, to take timely remedial measures.

The wooden lid to repair. The roof is the most vulnerable part of the exposure, rain and other natural damage, so the roof maintenance is the main project of wood construction repair work. The common method is to expose tile hanging rafters; serious parts of decay, damage can use partial replacement method, the main beam can be wholly intact.

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